Since 1984 I work as medical doctor, specialized on General Medicine, Sports Medicine and Naturopathy. I started my own medical practice in 1986. In 2014 I became head of medical administration of a Black Forest Private Clinic in Baiersbronn, Obertal.


In order to help my patients, key of my approach is the combination of naturopathic and classical academic medical methods. The primal objective is to find holistic harmony between Body, Mind and Soul to preserve or regain health, power and vitality.


My medical aprroach  is motivated by the slogan "Helping without damaging".

Health, power an vitality are core of my effort. To foster these bearing elements of live, I decided to add complementary and holistic techniques like oxygen-therapy, organ-therapy and nature-identical hormones to basic general medicine elements.
In daily practice, following three sectors exist interconnected:

•    general medical practice
•    naturopathic special medical practice
•    sports medicine

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